About AestheticsZA

South Africans are known for their authenticity. We are proud of who we are and celebrate our own identities. This was the inspiration that brought AestheticsZA to life. We’ve developed a trusted ecommerce store, with highly sought-after beard grooming kits & LED teeth whitening kits.

Our mission is to research, identify, source, import and distribute the world’s best products allowing you to enjoy being your best self without breaking the bank. We don’t only focus on self-improvement products, like MySmile Teeth Whitening Solutions, but also products that celebrate being a man. We invite you to browse through our virtual man cave and enjoy a range of products that celebrate your authenticity as a modern man. Beard Grooming Kits, a range of Pagani timepieces, and man-grooming devices. Keep an eye on our MAN range as we find new and exciting products to add to our offering.

We are sticklers for quality, which is why the products that AestheticsZA stocks are quality tested, and reasonably priced, and we remove the hassle of overseas deliveries as all our stock is held in South Africa.

True to the Ubuntu philosophies, we have partnered with worthy causes to help uplift, empower and celebrate all that makes us South African. The Smile Foundation will benefit from each sale of MySmile Teeth Whitening Solutions products, and we are on board with The Character Company, a volunteer group of men-tors who are dedicated to educating our sons as they enter adulthood. Both these organisations embody our mission for authenticity and we are proud to be associated with them.

Understanding the importance of quality

At AestheticsZA, we are sticklers for good quality and value, and understand that a good purchase experience builds trust and will ensure that AestheticsZA.com becomes your favourite online shop.

Always on the look-out for great products

Finding the world’s best products requires knowing where to look. AestheticsZA partners with top companies around the world to bring you products that we would use.

As an added measure of quality, our official AestheticsZA testers put the products through stringent quality checks, and if they meet our standards, we add them to our AestheticsZA offering.

For South Africans, by South Africans

South Africans know what they want and insist on good quality, good value products, and we don’t look kindly upon false advertising. Our global location also makes shipping products expensive and we often have to wait weeks to receive goods, this is why AestheticsZA orders in bulk and holds stock in our warehouses in Johannesburg.
This gives us the advantage of cheaper prices and fast delivery.
We also pride ourselves on the South African service standards that we know known for.

Delivery to your door in 48-72 hours

30-day money-back guarantee

Safe & secure payment processes

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